Banks / Walton - Carlisle

This section of the Way is 11 or 14.3 miles (18 or 23 Km) to Carlisle starting from either Walton or Banks respectively. There is a gradual decline over the section of 60 metres from a starting height of 75 metres.

Exit from the village green at Banks.

Starting from Banks which overlooking the Irthing Valley and the Lanercost priory below. A short distance west of the village brings the way to a T-junction. Turn right and at the next junction cross onto a track leading to Hare Hill.

Hadrian's Wall at Hare Hill

On this section there are few signs of Hadrian's Wall remains so enjoy the last significant portion maintained by English Heritage at Hare Hill. A farm is soon reached and beyond it the path starts to slowly descent from Craggle Hill to Garthside. There are interesting views over the Irthing Valley as the walk heads to Walton.

Way near to Milecastle 55

This is easy walking along the edge of fields and beside some old established hardwood trees.
Many of the fields will have livestock and walkers are advised that all dogs must be kept on the lead.

Walton Church

On approaching Walton the way drops into the valley below crossing King Water at the road bridge. A short section of road takes the walk into the village of Walton.
Walton is a small village with an interesting church in the centre beside the village green.
For some this will be the starting point for the section to Carlisle, whether this is the case or not remember that until the walker reaches Crosby on Eden there are no refreshment facilities.

Crossing the burn near Swainsteads

From Walton the Way heads through woodland at Swainsteads then drops down to cross a small burn and then a further valley before rising to reach Heads Wood. From here on the Vallum there are views south over the Irthing Valley in the distance are the Tindale Fells. From here the quickly reaches the road at Newtown.

Bleatarn Farm

The walking route is in a general WSW direction keeping close to the line of the Vallum all the way to the Sandy Lane.
On this section beside the Wall and Vallum and to the north of the airport, there are no visible wall remains. The walk is mainly on farmland by the edge of fields. There is a slight change in terrain at Bleatarn farm where in wetter weather there is a small pond or Tarn between the wall line and the farm buildings.

Sandy Lane west of Carlisle Airport

Sandy Lane is a track heading south and taking the way away from the line of Hadrian's Wall. This is the situation for the rest of the walk into Calisle the route running in a parallel line to the old wall but approx. 1 Km further south.
At the end of the lane the route crosses the A689 road via a cattle/ farmers bridge then across a field to reach the Stanecate Roman Road.

Crosby on Eden

The Village of Crosby on Eden is in two parts joined by a road that previously was the line of the Stanegate Roman Road. Crosby House and hotel are at the point where the path exists the field. Turn right and use the footpath to arrive at Lower Crosby with its charming village with pub, bistro, school and church. Throough the villge on the left is a road running down to the Eden River and from here the path starts to follow the river downstream.

Crossing the M6 at Linstock

The quietness of the way is now broken by the noise and sight of modern life as the path crosses over the busy M6 motorway. As the noise starts to fade the walk travels beside a minor road into the area of Rickerby. Although this is now close to the city the atmosphere is one of a rural and recreational nature.

Rickerby : Tower by George Head Head

Mr George Head Head owned Rickerby House in the 19th Century and this was a time when towers and turrets were in vogue. Examples of this are passed in the form of a tower standing in the middle of a field and more towers built into the Rickerby Gardens and Farm buildings.

War memorial - Rickerby Park

By a cattle grid the footpath enters Rickerby Park which is an attractive recreational park in the grounds of the Rickerby House. To the right of the route is an impressive War memorial that will be seen again later from the other bank of the river.

Memorial Bridge over the Eden

Although this is close to the city centre and the neaxt section of urban walking is very attractive with wide open parkland on both sides.
The path now crosses the Memorial Bridge and follows the river downstream. Soon the path and cycleway reverts to a grass path beside the golf course.

Carlisle Castle

On the other side of the river is open parks and riverside walks with the War memorial again visible.
Keeping the golf course on the left the path curves round to the west and approaches the bridge carrying the A7 road into the City Centre. Passing underneath on of the arches this walk continues beside the river and come next to the Castle. Alternative the walker many want to break from the River at the bridge and enter the City centre, with its interest and history.

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