Byrness - Crailinghall

This section of the Way is 16 miles (25.5 Km) over sections of the Cheviot Hills entails considerable climbs and descents followed by more gentle walking as the route descends towards the Teviot Valley. This is the longest section and also demanding due to the amount of climbing.
This section has the highest point on the way at 527 metres at Ravens Knowe Cairn between Byrness and Chew Green.
Starting altitude is 230m rising to the highest altitude at 527m and ending at 100m.

Byrness Hill from redesdale Forest

From the small church at Byrness the Way crosses the A 68 and once past a few dwelling houses it is into a section of the forest for a steep ascent to Byrness Hill. The final ascent is round some exposed boulders and this can demand some careful footing.

Catcleugh Reservoir from Saughy Crag

From above the boulders there is a gate to cross and looking back there are great views along the Rede Valley. The general direction is now north climbing all the way over open hills to the highest point of the Way at Ravens Knowe Cairn. To the left of the way to Ravens Knowe is Catcleugh Reservoir and the hills at the Carter Bar border.

Chew Green from above Coquet River

The path as it climbs is opening up new vista and views across the forest into the Scottish Borders and the distinctive Eildon hills are now seen. At Ravens Knowe the way crosses a very marshy section by way of raised duck boards before a descent into the Coquet Valley, the English Scottish border and a walk to Chew Green. Chew Green is now all below the soil but from certain vantage points the outline of the fort is clearly distinguished.

Signage at the corner of Chew Green - Way to the left

At the SE corner of Chew Green the Way turns through 90 degrees and heads NW, there are also waymarks ahead along the Coquet Valley.
The walk at this point is again on the English side of the border and the way staggers the border for the next few kilometres before it breaks with the Pennine Way and takes to Dere Street at Black Halls.

Blackhall Hill from Greystone Brae

The walk remains on hill paths and heads NW along the left hand side of Blackhall Cairn. This offers views west to the distance Jed Water Valley, before this is hidden by Woden Law the site of an old fort.

On an open day this must be one of the most attractive yet remote section of the Way. The Cheviot Hills are all around with their distinctive rounded tops and green valleys below. To the east are the higher hills as they rise in altitude towards their highest, namely the "Cheviot".


Soon there is a steep descent into Tow Ford. This was a ford across the Kale Water in Roman times and remains a popluar picnic spot on summer days. Next to the ford is an outwards bounds centre.
There is now a gentle climb along a quite road to Pennymuir, the next Roman Fort location.

Whitton Loch from Dere Street near Cunzierton Farm

From Pennymuir there is another climb to reach Trestle Cairn at 334 metres and a high level walk along the western edge of the Cheviot range as it heads towards Whitton Edge. Beyond Whitton Loch the land starts to fall away towards the Teviot Valley.

Whitton Edge where Dere Street heads west

Whitton Edge is at the corner of a grass path and a single track road. For the second time there is a section of walking on a quiet road. This road follows again the line of Dere Street and soon the surface returns to a grass track at a "T" junction close to Rennieston Farm.

Dere Street near Rennieston

Dere Street is now almost 100% straight all the way to the Eildon Hills and the site of the look-out post on the North hill and Trimontium that lies to the north of that hill. This is a track with gradual rises and falls but always tracking a NW direction.

Dere Street descending to Cappuck by Crailinghall

Shortly after a wooded section Dere Street emerges with only trees on the right and below is Cappuck and the point where the track crosses the road is the end of this section, close to the Oxnam Water.

It is important the on this day the walker has arranged to have a vehicle or accommodation provider to pick them up as the nearest area for extensive choice in overnight services is Jedburgh about 3 miles away.

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